Online signup for MY SDC Account

Manage your Council Tax Account, Non Domestic Rates Account or Benefits Claim

Register with our online service to manage your Council Tax, Non Domestic Rates, Housing Benefit and Council Tax support accounts. It allows you to view up to date information and check when payments are due.

A secure service allowing you to view and manage your:

• Council Tax account
• Non Domestic Rates account
• Housing Benefit claim
• Council Tax support claim
• Tenant's Housing Benefit claim

What you can do online:

• See full details of your account or claim
• Set up a Direct Debit
• How your charges or Benefits are worked out
• Check your discounts, allowances and reliefs
• See when your payments are due
• View bills and letters we send to you (paperless e-billing)
• Request a copy Council Tax or Non Domestic Rates bill

These online services are being developed and more useful options will be available shortly allowing you to manage your account even better.

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